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Full Circle Parts Solution

ADMI 360 brings excellence in dealership parts operations, “full circle”, by implementing and sustaining best practices in all parts-related areas.



Increase service throughput

AIS is an elite performance-based system for continuous improvement. It is a financial-based online parts management program, delivered one-on-one by an operations specialist who works with your company’s fixed operations team and executive management over a 12-month period.


ADMI operations specialists have real-world parts management experience: DMS expertise, parts department processes, and OEM policies and procedures. With 24/7 support and monthly in-depth performance reviews, your specialist will monitor your parts operations daily, weekly, and monthly to get you where you want to be and help you stay there.

AIS Benefits

  • Increase service throughput
  • Stop idle growth
  • Profitability via availability
  • Maximize OEM allowances
  • Develop and sustain performance improvements
  • Reduce time spent on parts inventory management to allow more time to focus on core business
  • Always know how your inventory is performing and how to improve it

Installed in Three Stages:

  • Stage 1 – Increase parts sales through stock parts control
  • Stage 2 – Increase parts sales through successful special-order sales
  • Stage 3 – Idle capital reduction

AIS Key Performance Indicators

  • Total DMS Stock SKU’s
  • DMS Stock SKU’s in stock
  • Stock Parts > 9 months no sale
  • Non-Stock Value
  • New Non-Stock Idle > 61 – 90 days no sale
  • All Parts > 9 months no sale
  • Service Effective Fill Rate



Sell more parts by improving special order processes

An interactive online program, SOS teaches Dealer participants how to eliminate the “special order problem” for all time, with a proven process for control and accountability. SOS addresses the age-old problem: unsold special orders and consequential introduction of non-stock parts into inventory. With SOS, idle capital created by failed special order processes will stop.


This is a dealership-wide problem, so special-order training should be attended by all key dealership staff: principals, general managers, and department managers, including parts
managers and staff.

SOS training is delivered by an ADMI professional parts sales specialist, in a series of 4 interactive webinars totaling 8 hours (Note: DMS set-ups are implemented during each session as required).

SOS Benefits

  • Increase special order sales
    – Service labor sales
    – Parts Sales
  • Reduce unsold non-stock inventory
  • Reduce non-stock inventory

Four Interactive Webinar Sessions:

Session 1: Defining the process

  • Profit opportunity of completing special order sales
  • Primary causes of unsold special orders
  • Managing your special-order process
  • Qualifying and communicating with the customer
  • Develop special order policy & procedures customized for your specific dealership

Session 2: Controlling the Process

  • DMS special orders tracking setup (if provided by DMS)
  • Receiving special orders (check-in process)
  • Posting/receipting special order detail

Session 3: Completing the Sale

  • Full circle communication
  • Completing a profitable sale

Session 4: Idle Capital

  • Idle capital reduction planning and prevention
  • Billing, claims, and parts returns


ADMI Profitability System

Build profit with the full power of your DMS

Achieve sales growth and consistent high grosses, driven by a strategic pricing plan sustained by your DMS.


APS Benefits

  • Increase both sales volume and margins
  • Maximize OEM allowances

Three Profit-Building Levels Over 12 Months

Level 1: Discovery & CRM

  • We learn about you and your unique business and how to keep your CRM information in your DMS up to date
  • Definitions, calculations, equations and analysis of company’s financial statement

Level 2W: Wholesale Pricing and Discounts

  • DMS pricing structures
  • Performance by sales category/commodity
  • Sourcing options
  • Earned discount accounting
  • Adjust DMS to match dealer’s wholesale business plan


Level 2R: Non-Wholesale Pricing and Allowances

  • Understanding the full capability of the DMS for retail, internal, warranty, body shop and monthly specials.
  • A deep dive into non-wholesale DMS price settings, sourcing and allowances
  • Adjust DMS to match company’s business plan, addressing/solving all questions and concerns discovered in Phase 1

Level 3: Sustainability

  • CRM progress review
  • Review reports a DMS can generate to control business and to keep your company on the business plan
  • Using the Parts Profitability Tool (PPI Tool) for total understanding of the financial statement
  • Review company business plan


Toyota Inventory Profile

Parts Inventory Optimization

For GM dealers

The Parts Department plays an important role in overall dealership success. The inventory
investment can be a positive contributor to sales, profits, and satisfaction, or, it can tie up cash, cause hidden expenses, and be a
hindrance to fixed operations efficiency and dealer reputation.


ADMI partners with your Fixed Operations Team to

Stock the Right Parts at the Right Time

You’ll get:

  • Intelligent Stocking Decisions using GM RIM and the Dealer Management System
  • Utilizing RIM Returns, Return Reserves, and Customer Special Order Returns
  • Converting Unused Return Reserves to Cash When Favorable
  • Diligently Managing Special Order Parts

Three Profit-Building Levels Over 12 Months

The Team

  • Parts & Service Management
  • Financial Leader/Decision Maker (Dealer, GM)
  • Your ADMI Parts Specialist


  • Process Meetings
  • Monthly Performance Review Meetings
  • Daily Performance Monitoring
  • Monthly Status Updates

High Points

  • Profitable Stocking Inventory
  • ZERO Idle Growth
  • Legacy Idle Reduction

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