ADMI Inventory System

AIS is an Elite Performance Based System for dealerships dedicated to Continuous Improvement

Financial based parts management delivered by an Investment Specialist who works with your dealership’s Fixed-Ops team and Executive Management over 12 months.

Includes Monthly In-Depth Performance Review Meetings via Webinars along with 24/7 support.

Your Investment Specialist has “Real-World” dealership parts management experience: DMS expertise, Parts Department Processes and OEM policies and procedures. Your Specialist will monitor your parts operations performance daily, weekly, and monthly to get you where you want to be and keep you there.  

AIS Dealership Benefits

  • Stop idle growth

  • Profitability via Availability

  • Special Order Sales

  • Maximize OEM allowances

  • Sustain Performance Improvements

  • Reduce time spent on inventory control to allow more time to focus on sales and marketing

  • Consistency in parts operations, daily, weekly, monthly

  • Your MPS monitors performance daily, weekly and monthly

    • You will always know how your parts inventory is performing

    • You will know immediately if performance slips and what must be done to improve!

  • Monthly Performance Review Meetings

  • Sustain performance improvements over time

  • ADMI professional on your team every day!

  • Stage 1 - Increase Parts Sales Through Stock Parts Control

  • Stage 2 - Increase Parts Sales Through Successful Special Order Sales

  • Stage 3 - Idle Capital Reduction

Installed in 3 Stages:


  • Total DMS Stock SKU’s

  • DMS Stock SKU’s in stock

  • Stock Parts > 9 months no sale

  • Non-Stock Value

  • Non-Stock > 60 days no sale

  • All Parts > 9 months no sale

  • Service Effective Fill Rate

For more information:

Call Terry Miller @ (734) 205-0474 or email at


David Abatsis - Dealer Principal, Acton Ford, Inc. 

ADMI has been a trusted resource for Acton Ford Inc for many years. Recently we had a change in management of our Parts organization. We promoted from within. Since this was a new position for our manager, he had much to learn. ADMI has given our team so much guidance and has assisted us in all levels of our parts operation Our staff is more confident, has a defined process and has become disciplined in their approach. We look forward to continued growth and are confident with ADMI as a business partner our staff will continue with their personal growth in automotive parts business.

Mark Rudig - Dealer Principal, Rudig Jensen Ford 

I have been a Customer of ADMI since Feb., 2006. Actually, I should say that ADMI has been a valued employee of mine since Feb., 2006! Seriously, our Parts Dept. was in shambles at that time relative to old/obsolete parts, poor purchasing practices, margins were not good... need I go on and on? ADMI has proved to be a valuable investment for even a small dealer in the middle of WI. ADMI is more like a Consultant that tells it like it is and NOBODY, including me gets off the hook when it comes time to hearing the truth! They help you identify your problems, lay out a Plan of Action and then coach you to execute that plan or work it so we do MORE business on LESS investment at HIGHER margins. What more could I ask for! 

Like all good products, if they don't have good staff support you have a problem! Fortunately, Mark Garofoli has been our ADMI Parts Consultant for a long time. He is outstanding and I credit Mark for his knowledge, professionalism and ability to communicate what needs to be done and why. He even grinds me up on occasion... in a stern but nice way. Actually, I have never spoken to anybody at ADMI that does not know their business. These are not people that got out of school, read a training manual and started telling us how to run a parts dept. These are smart people that have real world experience and know how to get the job done!! 

I have been a dealer for nearly 40 years and I don't care how big, small or profitable you are... ADMI will make you better!! 

Thank you ADMI for all you have done and will continue to do for the success of our Company!

Bob Loomis - Director of Fixed Operations, Sarat Ford Lincoln, Family Ford of Enfield, Ford of Northhampton 

I am writing to thank ADMI and their team with helping our Enfield store reduce what had become a constantly increasing aged parts inventory. We signed up for the ADMI Inventory System (AIS) program at the beginning of June 2016 and, after five months have accrued $8124 to use for scrapping out aged and non-returnable inventory now that we've stopped the growth of idle capital. We have also benefited in inventory accuracy and have increased our sales steadily. 

Along with these improvements also comes additional discounts under the DPA program, a better understanding of inventory management on the part of our parts manager and a more efficient and lean parts inventory. 

The management of special orders has also improved under AIS and we all know, that is where idle inventory is born. Thanks again ADMI!

Mark Hollingsworth - Parts and Service Director, Hollingsworth Richards Ford 

We made the decision to sign up with the ADMI Inventory System because of our desire (like every other business) to do more with less. 

AIS has helped us manage our Parts inventory more effectively. ADMI showed us how to get more out of our DMS vendor and add simple value-added reports that yielded immediate results. Bottom line, we have increased our DPA payout, reduced idle inventory, and installed solid and sustainable processes that will insure ongoing success. It's great to find a vendor, who truly understands the business, to help us find the tools and processes (that were right in front of us) and show us how to put them to work for our benefit. It would not be possible without the right people. Our ADMI guy is great, like a part of our own team. The best part is that our Parts & Service Management Team is 100% sold on what we're doing and that insures sustainability and continued success. It's the best investment a Dealer can make! 

Because of our previous experience with ADMI, our expectations were high. The results have exceeded our expectations!

Bill Pranke - Parts and Service Director - Babbitt Ford Lincoln 

We have been using the ADMI Inventory System since the beginning of 2016. Having ADMI as our partner in managing our Parts Department has been a great asset to our dealership. With their help and guidance, we have seen increases in our stocking parts performance, reductions in our idle inventory, increased sales and profitability and increased payouts from the Ford Dealer Parts Advantage (DPA) program. Our personal ADMI Consultant was been excellent. He assisted in setting up solid processes and is always willing to help us. His knowledge of the Ford parts system and our DMS is extensive and he has always been responsive to our needs. The reports and review meetings from ADMI are informative, concise, and give great insight into where we are and provide the tools to meet our goals. We had high expectations and could not be more pleased with the results we have achieved because of the guidance and support of ADMI. Signing up and committing to their program has been one of the best investments we have made. If you desire making positive improvements in your Parts Department productivity and efficiency (and profit), committing to the ADMI Inventory System is the smartest investment that can be made.