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Parts Inventory Optimization

For GM Dealers

The Parts Department plays an important role in overall dealership success. The inventory investment can be a positive contributor to sales, profits, and satisfaction, or, it can tie up cash, cause hidden expenses, and be a hindrance to fixed operations efficiency and dealer reputation.

ADMI partners with your Fixed Operations Team to Stock the Right Parts at the Right Time

  • Intelligent Stocking Decisions using GM RIM and the Dealer Management System
  • Utilizing RIM Returns, Return Reserves, and Customer Special Order Returns
  • Converting Unused Return Reserves to Cash When Favorable
  • Diligently Managing Special Order Parts


  • Custom Business Plan Development
  • Goals and Objectives Set – Progress Monitored Continuously
  • Inventory Management Training
  • Process and Tools Implementation
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Checklists
  • DMS Utilization Training & Custom Reports
  • Daily Inventory Performance Monitoring by ADMI
  • An assigned Parts Expert on call for questions and support
  • Regularly scheduled process improvement sessions
  • Monthly Reoccurring Performance Check-Up Meetings
  • Reports sent to Parts Management Team
  • Access to ADMI Insights Portal
  • Know how your investment is performing 24/7/365
  • Key Performance Indicators, Tools, and more

ADMI Insights Platform – Always know how your investment is performing

For more information or to schedule a discussion, contact Jay Graham at 734-619-2127 or



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