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We are happy you've taken interest in ADMI 360. Please interact with the 360 wheel to learn more. Scroll down to discover what 360 can further do for you.


Accurate data is foundational to the tools and reports your team relies on being useful in decision making. The number of parts on the shelf should match what is shown in your DMS. Your DMS inventory value should match what is shown in accounting. ADMI 360 provides methods and tools to keep your data accurate and identify the most important variances right away.


It matters how your warehouse is laid out and organized. Cleanliness matters too! Minutes add up to hours, hours to days, and days to months in time either utilized or wasted. Strategically placing parts in certain areas and in specific ways will provide an increase in efficiency. ADMI 360 will teach you the best way to utilize your space.


In addition to the normal buying and selling of parts, there are back-end processes that don't contribute directly to selling more parts but can become a consumer of time and a producer of unnecessary hidden expenses. ADMI 360 teaches efficient methods of managing Claims, Cores, Warranty Retention Parts, the Month End Process, and more.


ADMI 360 brings excellence in Sales Ideas, Lowest Cost Purchasing, and Captive versus Competitive Parts pricing strategies.


ADMI 360 implements special order parts processes that result in more parts being sold versus returned or added to inventory. Unsold special orders are the number one reason for idle inventory growth and the cause of unnecessary realized and unrealized expenses.


ADMI 360 processes will STOP idle growth. The objective is Zero Idle Growth using strategic approaches that mitigate idle in the first place, then utilizes all returns and incentives, and implements strategies to liquidate past accumulated idle and obsolete inventory for maximum cash recovery.


ADMI 360 focuses on selling more parts and the associated labor while improving customer satisfaction and decreasing expenses related to even minor delays in getting parts to technicians. This is a combination of good off-the-shelf availability and internal processes that get parts into technician's hands faster.


ADMI 360 will optimize your in-stock parts inventory investment by focusing on keeping parts in stock that have proven demand, producing a satisfactory off-shelf fill rate, provide a quality return on investment, and meeting OEM objectives to maximize financial incentives.
What does ADMI 360 have to offer?
ADMI 360 brings excellence in dealership parts operations, “full circle”, by implementing and sustaining best practices in all parts-related areas.
What role does the Parts Department play in the success of my business?
The Parts Department is a critical connection point to overall Dealership Success.  It is not only a stand-alone profit center but is also an enabler of additional vehicle and labor sales along with improved customer experience and satisfaction.
How do I make my Parts Department a successful one?
Running a successful Parts Department takes much more than just buying and selling parts for profit. Behind the scenes are multiple segments that need to be managed effectively. Each segment represents areas of opportunity and vulnerability depending on how they are managed. ADMI 360 will “Unlock the Power of Your People” by equipping them with proven best practices, processes, procedures, parts management knowledge, utilization of tools like the DMS, and ongoing day-to-day support.
What makes ADMI 360 the best solution?
ADMI 360 is more than just training and consulting. It’s a trusted partnership where your parts team is paired with proven ADMI parts industry experts that will lead your team through a series of educational sessions and then help implement the processes and practices in your dealership. What’s just as important as the implementation is sustainment, or, continuing to do what was taught and implemented over time.

How It Works

ADMI 360 is implemented virtually using Microsoft Teams technology.  This allows us to be at your dealership virtually, to work with your dealership parts leadership team in convenient burst sessions.  Burst sessions allow for greater retention of new information and quicker adoption of new processes.  It allows business to continue with minimal interruption. Instruction is rolled out over a period which allows content to be absorbed, good habits to develop, and instill sustainment over time.

ADMI will help in forming your Parts Leadership Team. In addition to the Parts Manager, this can include roles such as the Assistant Parts Manager, Fixed Ops Directors, Dealer Principals, General Managers, Controllers, Service Managers, or more.  A successful parts operation is a team function that interacts and works well with each other.

Parts Leadership Team

As part of your Parts Leadership Team, you will have a dedicated ADMI Parts Specialist who has proven successful expertise in dealership parts operations and is able to teach, implement, track, and sustain the ADMI best practices, processes, and procedures within your dealership. A teacher, leader, mentor, project manager, and more – will keep things on track and will become like another key member of your dealership team.  A trusted partner who will look out for your dealership’s best interest and keep everyone informed.

The Parts Leadership Team is invited to all relevant training and consulting sessions and is included on all session recaps and reports.  Not everyone may be able to attend all the meetings, but everyone can stay in-the-know with email-based follow-up communication from ADMI.

Training Sessions

Training Sessions will touch on every area of the Parts Department.  With each session, we will make sure all attendees are confident in the information and processes that are presented.

Monthly Performance Review Meetings

Help everyone stay focused on goals, objectives, and trends. This very valuable time helps everyone get aligned or re-aligned with where you’ve been, where you’re at, and where you’ve headed.  You’ll know if a process breaks down or if performance slips in any area right away versus figuring it out months or years later.


This is the key to success.  It is not only knowing what, when, why, and how to operate a parts department, but it is doing it the right way and on timeADMI will help inspect what you expect by reviewing key performance indicators and process spot-checks. This ensures that your investment in ADMI 360 provides a positive return.  Parts Managers like the structure and job satisfaction in knowing everything that needed to be done, was done.  In an often busy and hectic department where the business month is over in the blink of an eye, it is comforting to know you have an expert in your corner helping ensure all processes are still in place and nothing has fallen through the cracks.

Using Data to Improve Results

We have a relationship with most Dealership Management Provider where you can have your parts inventory data automatically sent to us each night. We then analyze the data and display it back to you in various ways. Depending on the DMS you use, you can access your own 24/7/365 ADMI Insights Platform profile to check in on parts performance and progress on the program. You can also receive custom reports or listings from your ADMI Parts Specialist who will provide a specific list of part numbers that need attention. This could be parts to return, parts to consider for ordering, parts where data seems inaccurate, or other opportunities. Your ADMI Parts Specialist will also create and request custom DMS reports every so often to go deeper into discovering additional opportunities for continuous improvement.

Pricing and Terms

The program is $549 total per month. This already includes taxes and our DMS integration fees.  The initial term is for 12 months, and once that term ends, we will proceed from month-to-month.

Your ADMI Parts Specialist will spend approximately one to two hours live with your team each month on Microsoft Teams and then an unlimited amount of email/chat/text time for the remainder of the month. Dealers are often amazed by the value they received for only $549 total per month (often the cost of just one or two parts issues or missed opportunities avoided per month with ADMI 360 assistance).

The Parts Department

The Parts Department is a stand-alone profit center on its own but should also be an enabler of additional profit for the entire dealership and a producer of satisfaction for customers and employees.

The Parts Departments ability to provide parts and accessories in a timely fashion has a direct link to maintaining and repairing more vehicles in your service department right now versus later and to the associated expenses such as loaner vehicles, efficiency, and shop capacity.  It has an indirect link to customers coming back to your dealership for their next vehicle.

Parts Management

The Parts Manager has a significant list of expectations and responsibilities that most others are not fully aware ofIt is much more than just ordering and selling partsParts inventories are often the largest cash investment in a dealership—second to unfloored vehicles—and can range from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. Managed effectively, this investment will produce fantastic returns on investment.

Unnecessary hidden expenses can quickly consume profits.  Hidden, because there is no box on the financial statement or report in your DMS to identify themA missed discount, an unnecessary surcharge or fee, an unsold special-order part added to inventory, unsold aged inventory, missed return opportunities, a charged-back warranty claim including parts AND labor, and more are all realities that eat up significant bottom-line profits.


Investing and focusing on the parts department is wise! ADMI 360 provides the necessary instructions, tools, experience, and support to transform your parts department into a fully rounded (360 degrees) of profitable operational excellence, sustained over time, in every area.