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With today’s busy lifestyle, customers value time and convenience more than ever. Customers have high expectations and know they have a choice in where to take their vehicles for maintenance and repair. The Toyota Inventory Profile (TIP) program enables your dealership to better meet these expectations and service more vehicles right away with genuine Toyota parts from your shelves.


  • Increases customer & dealership employee satisfaction which leads to retention and loyalty
  • Reduces work and effort by the parts & service personnel
  • Improves efficiency, productivity, and profits
  • Helps dealers make the most of the Toyota Customer First Stocking and Returns Program

The TIP program utilizes a combination of the parts management knowledge, dealer’s computer system data, Toyota PDC purchases, and Toyota National Service History information to provide the best mix of parts to stock that make the most impact for your service department customers. The TIP program aligns your computer’s parts forecasting program according to your business model so you, the Parts Manager, has complete visibility on parts that are recommended to be stocked at the dealership.You will learn DMS specific tips, techniques, and best practices to make it perform and its highest capability.Additional demand data straight from Toyota, independent of the DMS, will also be shared via the TIP Application on Dealer Daily.You will have a freshly calculated order suggestion along with training and interpretation of this valuable info.

Complimentary for Toyota Dealers

Delivered virtually with WebEx at a time convenient for your schedule
Contact your DSPM or Jay Graham (734) 619-2127 for more info