Toyota Inventory Profile

Optimize Your DMS Stock Order

Better visibility leads to better availability.  Better availability leads to increased sales, efficiencies, reduced costs, happy employees, and satisfied customers.

DMS Stock order suggestions should be accurate based on your own sales demands, recommending the right part numbers at the right quantity with minimal edits. A stock order that produces confidence and drives results.

Parts that meet your business plan should appear while those that don’t shouldn’t.

TIP provides expertise in both Parts Inventory Management and DMS Setups and Utilization

Up to Three Sessions

Session One:

  • Inventory Management Discussion about all things Stock Order Related, The Benefits and Importance of Parts Availability, Sources/Stocking Groups, Phase In, Phase Out, Days Supply, Min/Max Overrides, DMS Stocking Statuses, and more
  • An analysis of all current stock order results, processes, procedures, and DMS settings all related to the Stock Order Process
  • An analysis of current parts inventory data to find stock improvement opportunities
  • The TIP Team will recommend improvements in processes, DMS utilization, & setups

Session Two:

  • A guided step-by-step walk through of implementing any recommended processes, DMS utilization steps, or DMS setups – those approved by Parts Management
  • Confirmation and Testing of the Results

Session Three:

  • As needed, to further adjust or dial-in processes, utilization, or settings. This is also used for Dealers looking to further deep dive into stocking opportunities using custom reports.

TIP is complimentary from Toyota and is no cost to your Dealership

TIP Plus+

Includes standard TIP, Plus the following…

Parts Inventory Specialist

  • An assigned TIP Plus+ Parts Inventory Specialist, expertise in your DMS and all Toyota Parts Policies and Procedures.
    • An additional Team Member reviewing your inventory every day
    • Unlimited support, training, & consulting (Parts 101 through Advanced)
    • Proven processes & procedures taught, implemented, & sustained
    • A monthly reoccurring one-on-one review of your Inventory health. All Parts Leadership Team Invited and Included in a Report

Insights Dashboard

  • A dashboard powered by your DMS parts data to identify stocking and return opportunities – along with other inventory performance KPI’s

Sustained Excellence

  • Dealers on this program achieve:
    • A strong and healthy inventory
    • ZERO Idle Growth
    • Legacy Idle Reduction
    • High Off-Shelf Fill – and – High Service Effective Fill Rate
    • Open and Close more ROs per day due to parts immediately available from the shelf
    • Eliminate/Reduce restocking fees due to missed return timing
    • Gain confidence in systems, processes, and procedures

TIP Plus+ is Dealer Funded – $549 total per mo. 12 mo. program

Not sure which to pick? Schedule a meeting to discuss your options.